Queries are .

  1. Tags
    Some possible tags to help identify types of queries: capital, direction, earnings, environment, environment, external, failure, internal, leadership, measurement, measurement, opinion, performance / score, performance / score, personal preference, personal preference, physical attribute, physical attribute, psychological, scale, scale, success, superego, support, etc.
  2. Fields
    1. Specific
      These fields help define the instance and contain the data found there.
      1. Designation        (Group)
        Query response fulcrum are set as the midpoint of trimming; and used to determine the winners and losers of the totals as the results undergo various processes - either with the smaller responses gaining the majority or else the larger responses. These fields allow you to designate terms for what the smaller responses represent and the larger ones. 
        1. Smaller                (Text) 
          For example, in grading students smaller responses might be termed 'Poorer performers'.
        2. Larger                (Text) 
          For example, in grading students larger responses might be termed 'Better performers'.
    1. Common
      This folder contains fields common to many other folders: Title, Graphic, Tags, Rating, Description, Created, and Notes.

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