Instances are snapshots of data taken at a specific point in time. Instances of data can be organized by StringCubes and relationships found between the different types of replies giving to the questions asked.


    1. Specific
      These fields help define the instance and contain the data found there.
      1. Canvas        (Select) 
        Choose from: Bézier and Equation to determine which of the fields below will be used to locate answer values.
        1. Bézier        (Draw)
          Use a drawing board to produce a continuous set of points closest to the bottom for each step, in increments from 0 to 100, in steps of 0.1.
        2. Shapes
          1. Lines
            1. Points
              1. Smooth
              2. Strait
              3. Corner
        3. Equation        (Formula)
          A c# function which returns values for each step from 0 to 100 in increments of 0.1.
      2. Proximity        (Select)
        Choose from: Smallest or Largest to determine which point is used to locate string when there are more than one points found.
      3. Minimum Range        (Tabulation
        Spreadsheet data is organized into rows and columns. At the top of each column ...
      4. Strings        (Usage)
        List of strings which use this locate.
    2. Common
      This folder contains fields common to many other folders: Title, Graphic, Tags, Rating, Description, Created, Notes.

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