Instances are snapshots of data taken at a specific point in time. Instances of data can be organized by StringCubes and relationships found between the different types of replies giving to the questions asked.


    1. Graphic        (Image) 
      Used to visually represent the record on reports and interfaces for ease of use assessing what's being shown. 
    1. Title        (Plain text) 
      All records must have a unique title. Try to enter something short and informative.
    1. Specific
      These fields help define the instance and contain the data found there.
      1. Sector        (Select) 
        Choose from examples such as: Education, Business, Military, Political, Social, Psychology, Other, Medical, Scientific, Sports, Incarcerated, Investment, Artists, etc.
      2. Benefactor        (Select) 
        Depending on the selected sector, choose from examples such as: College, Elementary school, Online school, University, Consultancy, Cooperative, Distributor, Management agency, Online (IT) service, Rental agency, Restaurant, Retail/Store, Candidate, Non-governmental organization, Party, Politician, Referendum, Assembly, Club, Family, Gallery, Online, Team, Climate, Geology, Investors, Analysists, Doctor, Research, Pharmaceutical, Casinos, Trainers, Coaches, Gamblers, Venue, Artists, etc.
      3. Electorate                (Select) 
        Depending on the selected sector, choose from examples such as: Administrators, Classroom, General public, Teachers, Board of Directors, Clients, Members, Shareholders, Staff, Enemy, Soldiers, Friends, Other, Players, Inmates, Artists, Audience, Analysists, Marketing, Performance, Sales, Group study, Individual assessment, Clinical study, Laboratory results, Patient biometrics, Modeling  data, Player statistics, Company data, Market indicators, etc.
    1. Spreadsheet        (Tabulation
      Spreadsheet data is organized into rows and columns. At the top of each column ...
    2. StringCubes        (Usage) 
      StringCubes configured to analyze the data in this instance.
    3. Common
      The fields common to many main folders: Title, Graphic, Tags, Rating, Description, Created, Notes.

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