1. Axis planes
      1. Id        (Label)
        Label indicating whether planes run along the 'x', 'y' or 'z' axis.
      2. Axis matcher type
        Choose from String and Query to decide which type of matchers to put on axis planes.
      3. Override sort
        Check to override the default sorting used by the StringCube.
        1. Sort
          Use the sort selector to set the sorting on the axis.
      4. Query axis
        These apply when the axis plane types are queries:
        1. Spectrum
          Use the spectrum selector to set the illustration of the melody.
        2. Accent
          Spread out the stop values of the spectrum to align with the results so that the melody can best illustrate the different results found.
        3. Reverse
          Reverse the stops of the spectrum (including endpoints) to invert the colors of the melody.
      5. Planes
        Matchers consist of either configured strings or else configured queries (taken from the StringCube's instance).
        1. String planes
          Configure a string to use to match with queries to re-engineer the results.
          1. String        (Select from Strings)
        2. Query planes
          1. Query        (Select from Queries)
          2. Trim override        (Checkbox)
            Check to enter unique trim values for the query, uncheck to use the StringCube's default trim values.
            1. Trim        (Trim)
              Enter the values for trimming query responses.
          3. Designation override        (Checkbox)
            Check to enter unique designation values for the query, uncheck to use the StringCube's default designation values.
            1. Designation        (Designation)
              Enter the values for designating query response winners and losers.
    2. Universal planes
      1. Id        (Label)
        Label indicating which number the plane is.
      2. Shape        (Select)
      3. Energy        (Select)
        Choose from Accelerate and Collide.
      4. Effect
        1. Color
        2. Size
        3. Opacity
      5. Detail
        1. Override spectrum
          1. Spectrum
        2. Accent
        3. Reverse
        4. Linguistic
          1. Up
          2. Down
        5. Vector
      6. Plane
        1. String(s)
          1. Accelerate
          2. Compare
            1. Prepaired
            2. Custom pair
              1. Collide
        2. Query(ies)
          1. Accelerate
          2. Collide
    3. Animation plane

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