1. Common fields are used in folders to provide insight into why the record was created, who created it, when it was created and other factors useful when viewing the record.


    1. Tags        (Words)
      • Enter as many words as you want to brand the record.
      • The Tags report is used to filter and find all similar records.
      • Tagger types: editors, friends, members, participants, public, staff, etc.
    1. Rating        (Stars)
      • Give the record from 0 to 5 stars, depending on how much you anticipate others would be interested in it. 
      • The ratings report is used to filter and sort records according to the collective ratings.
    1. Description        (Formatted text)
      • A description of the record helps others understand what makes the record special, and perhaps some outside links which better explain how it belongs.
    1. Created        (Date & time)
      • Date and time the record was created.
    1. Notes        (Formatted text)
      • Private notes for users about possible unfinished ideas or changes - they won't appear in reports or output.

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